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From the Toronto Sun On Tuesday, we begin the month of November, a time traditionally set aside by Catholics to remember both the Saints and those who have died. “All Saints Day” (Nov. 1) and “All Souls Day” (Nov. 2) set the tone for the month. The pain of death and loss touches all people ...read more
From the Toronto Sun In recent weeks I have received numerous requests from readers asking for clarification on one of the principal themes emerging from the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI — the struggle against moral relativism. Shortly before he was elected Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger preached the homily at the pre-conclave Mass, warning against ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Twenty-seven years ago today, on Oct. 16, 1978, Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla walked out onto the world stage. From that moment onward, he was known to us as Pope John Paul II. This youthful, athletic pope took the world by storm and the media responded to him in an extraordinary way, ...read more
From the Toronto Sun The celebration of Thanksgiving in Canada makes an interesting counterpoint to the holiday celebrated by our American neighbours. While Americans remember the Pilgrims settling in the New World, Canadians give thanks for a successful harvest. At the heart of our Thanksgiving celebration is the idea of giving thanks for the goodness ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Since 1670, the Catholic Church has marked today by celebrating the guardian angels. And this past Thursday, we commemorated the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael — angels in the big leagues! (Michael is the captain of the heavenly host; Gabriel foretold the coming of the Messiah; Raphael brings prayers before God.) ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Sometimes it seems that the only narrative coming out of the Middle East, and especially from the lands of Israel and Palestine, is war, terror, fear, displacement and hopelessness. This past week another message went forward from the lands of Israel and Palestine — the lands we call “holy.” Last Wednesday ...read more
From the Toronto Sun It’s that time of year again when many dinner-table conversations revolve around new teachers and new courses at school, college or university. What’s the new prof like in the history department? Does the TA at the medical faculty follow in the footsteps of the master professor? What pedagogy is the theology ...read more
From the Toronto Sun Hurricane Katrina is by far the worst natural disaster to hit North America in more than a century, leaving millions of people asking many questions. What kind of vindictive, terrible God would allow so many innocent people to be swept away? No one could have ever been prepared for the immensity ...read more
From the Toronto Sun It’s time to take stock of the unique experience that was World Youth Day 2005 in Germany last month. The cynics and the curious will ask: Will the event make any difference in how we celebrate and practice our faith? Was it worth the expense and effort? Could an elderly German ...read more
From the Toronto Sun MUNICH — Once the great events of World Youth Day 2005 ended last Sunday in Cologne, I joined a group of 95 university students from throughout Canada on an itinerant retreat through Germany and Italy, in the footsteps of the new saints and blesseds of the Church. (Among the group were ...read more